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Demand More from Your Protein! We add Superfoods, Probiotics, Enzymes to Zenberry so you don't have to.

Zenberry Holy Frappe
Zenberry Holy Frappe
Zenberry Chai
Zenberry Chai
Zenberry Green
Zenberry Green
  • "I quit coffee and my morning Zenberry shake keeps me high energy. No more brain fog. Yeah!"
    Rosemary, Japan
  • "With Zenberry I healed my IBS, got my health back and got the courage to start my own construction business. Thank you Emma!"
    Jeremy, NJ
  • "Zenberry fortifies me before my workouts and restores me afterwards. I noticed how my digestion improved and small changes in body functions."
    Ronnye, NY
  • "Since I've added Zenberry to my daily diet I have so much more energy, ultimately stemming from a healthy digestive system which is the happiest it’s been in years! I've simultaneously been able to lose weight, lower my body fat percentage and improve my lean body mass."
    John, NJ
  • "When I drink a Zenberry shake regularly the aches in my knees, hip flexors and ankle seem less and I feel lighter and less bloated. Thank you Emma for creating Zenberry. I am confident in its purity and high quality "
    Ronnye, NY
  • "Zenberry Blue and Zenberry Green help releave my struggle with Lyme disease. They are part of my healing toolkit to boost my stamina, energy, immune system, and connective tissues."
    Anya, OH
  • "I love the taste of Zenberry. I have tried many of the commercial recovery powders and have abandoned all of them after I can no longer tolerate the "fake" taste of them."
    Susanna, NY
  • "I have to say that now I would not consider not having a Zenberry post ride or workout because I know how much faster recovery occurs and how good I feel."
    Jack, NY
  • "I recommend Zenberry Green and Zenberry Blue to anyone who wants to put organic whole foods into their bodies. I am hooked!"
    Susanna, NY
  • "I created Zenberry in order to heal Grave's Disease and my thyroid storm, boost my immune system and maintain my ideal weight"
    Emmanuelle, NY
  • "I was diagnosed with cancer, IBS, arthritis, GERD and depression. Every diagnosis had a prescription to go with it. Today I am in a vibrant and thriving state of health thanks to the magic of the ingredients in Zenberry."
    Adele, Canada
  • "One of the most notable effects of drinking Zenberry every morning is the lack of tiredness throughout the day. No more sluggish feeling, especially mid morning just before lunch time. I also have a Zenberry shake after a long workout and have noticed improvements in recovery time."
    Matt, NY
  • "I have been a vegetarian athlete for 7 years and am getting stronger and stronger thanks to great nutrition and 2-3 Zenberry shakes a day during the days I ride and 1 shake on my days off the bike."
    Shane, NY
  • "I have Diabetes Type 2 and always struggled with my sugar cravings. Since drinking a Zenberry Green shake mid-afternoon instead of eating chocolate, my cravings are under control, my diabetes is improving and I lowered my meds. Thanks Zenberry!"
    Carol, NY
  • "Since taking a Zenberry Blue shake for breakfast, my energy levels are constant throughout the day, I feel full longer and I do not crave sweets nearly as much. I love the taste and the way it makes me feel. I sometimes also have a shake for dinner."
    Stella, NY
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Zenberry is a one-stop shop when it comes to your smoothie needs.  We take the best raw, organic vegan protein and add superfoods like raw cacao, maca, and mesquite.  Then we mix in some algae like spirulina and chlorella.  We aren't done there.  Don't forget the sea vegetables like kelp and dulse. Land vegetables are important too so we added things like kale, spinach, broccoli, kamut, nettle, dandilion...ok you get the point.  This is all great but if it tastes like grass clippings, who cares?  We understand and made sure that each Zenberry had an amazing taste and texture so we can all actually enjoy drinking our way to good health.  With flavors like chocolate, Vanilla Chai and Mocha Cappuccino, we have something for everyone.

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